What can I purchase from the LifeLabs® Store?

The LifeLabs® Store provides convenient access to purchase an array of LifeLabs® tests and services that can support you in making informed decisions in your health journey.

How does the process work?

When you purchase a test through the LifeLabs® Store online you will be sent a confirmation email with your requisition and next steps:

  • Step 1: Download your requisition
  • Step 2: Get your requisition signed*
  • Step 3: Complete your test at a LifeLabs® collection centre or book a MyVisit appointment
  • Step 4: Access your results through our MyCareCompasspatient portal or from your health care provider
*Please check the signature requirements on the requisition. While most tests require a health care provider signature, some select tests may come pre-signed, or do not require a signature.

How can I pay for a test?

LifeLabs® has several tests for purchase available through our store. All prices are in Canadian dollars. You have the option to purchase a test with:

  • Visa card
  • MasterCard

Can I use a prepaid credit card?

Yes, as long as it’s a Visa card, or Mastercard and it has not expired.

Do I require a health card to purchase a test online?

No, you are not required to have a health card to purchase a test online.

Are test purchases refundable?

We would be pleased to refund the purchase of a test within 30 days of the order date, if you:

  • have a copy of the receipt
  • have not yet provided a sample
  • have not opened the home collection kit, if provided, and it remains in its original packaging.

Please see our refund policy for full details.

How will I receive the test requisition once I’ve made my purchase?

The requisition will be sent to the email address you provide during the checkout process. You can print the requisition and give it to your healthcare provider for signature.

Do I really need my healthcare provider to sign the requisition?

Yes. These are health diagnostic tests governed by provincial laws and requisitions must be signed by your healthcare provider. LifeLabs® cannot process unsigned requisitions.

I did not receive my confirmation email

Please refresh your inbox and check your junk/spam mail folder. If it’s still not there, please contact

I received my confirmation email, but I can’t find the test requisition

You may want to check your junk/spam mail folder. If it’s still not there, please contact

Who can purchase a test online?

Currently, residents who are 18 years of age and older in British Columbia and Ontario may purchase a test online.

Can I purchase a LifeLabs® test for family member or friend?

Yes. When completing the first step of your purchase, please use the information of the person you are buying the test for. Do not use your personal information. Please note that the test results are the personal health information of the person who is receiving the test.

Can I submit this test to my private insurance provider for direct payment?

Tests must be paid in advance at the time of ordering. You will receive an emailed receipt that you can provide to your insurance provider. Please note that insurance coverage varies by provider and you should check your insurance eligibility before you purchase the test.

My healthcare provider sent the sample to another lab, will it be forwarded to LifeLabs®?

Unfortunately, LifeLabs® cannot recover samples that are sent to another lab by your healthcare provider’s office. A new sample will need to be provided. If a collection kit was used, a new kit will need to be purchased.

The collection kit(s) arrived damaged, can I get a new one?

If your test requires a collection kit and it either arrives damaged or fails to operate in accordance with its specifications, LifeLabs® can provide a new kit to you at no additional cost. Please contact for assistance.

If we were unable to process a sample as a result of improper collection, sealing, or transport, unfortunately you will be required to purchase an additional kit to complete your test.

How do I get my test results?

All test results will be sent directly to the healthcare provider who signed the test requisition.

Certain test results are made available through LifeLabs® online portal, MyCareCompass. Click here for instructions on accessing your results in MyCareCompass.

(Please note that you will need a health card number to view your results online in MyCareCompass).

Are my test results confidential?

‚Äč Yes, protecting your privacy and the security of your health information is important to LifeLabs®. To learn how we are keeping your health information safe, please refer to our  Privacy Policy .