Bioavailable Testosterone
  1. Bioavailable Testosterone

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Bioavailable Testosterone

Circulating testosterone levels in both men and women can be an indicator of reproductive health. The Bioavailable Testosterone test by LifeLabs can help identify potential conditions impacting your overall wellness.

About Bioavailable Testosterone (BAT) testing 
Who is this test for?

In men, declining testosterone levels, known as an androgen deficiency, can be the cause of erectile dysfunction and mood changes. In women, higher testosterone levels can indicate polycystic ovarian syndrome or related conditions. Your healthcare provider may recommend Bioavailable Testosterone testing from LifeLabs® if a diagnosis of hypogonadism is being considered in men and mild hyperandrogenism is being considered in women. It may also be used to monitor testosterone or antiandrogen therapies in older men and in females 

What is this test used for?
Bioavailable Testosterone testing measures the total amount of testosterone available to be used by the body - both free testosterone and albumin bound testosterone. Bioavailable testosterone concentration is calculated using total testosterone (measured by immunoassay) and the binding constant of testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and/or albumin.   

Price :

Test Type
Blood Sample

Test Category
Fertility and Sexual Health

Test Turnaround Time
Results available to ordering physician within 1 day


Sample Collection
LifeLabs® Patient Service Centre (ON)
MyVisit at-home collection (ON)

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