VitaminLab Personalized Supplements
VitaminLab Personalized Supplements
VitaminLab Personalized Supplements
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VitaminLab Personalized Supplements

You're one of a kind—your vitamins should be too. Experience true personalization with VitaminLab supplements, now available through LifeLabs. Crafted to help you achieve your unique health goals and tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Meet the only truly personalized vitamin.

An all-in-one formula completely unique to you, carefully crafted with high-quality, bioavailable ingredients.

How it Works

1. Take the Quiz
Create a vitamin that’s yours and yours only in minutes.

2. Receive Your Truly Unique Supplement
Enjoy a simplified routine and the cost savings of an all-in-one formula shipped right to your door.

3.  Adjust as You Go Along
New goals, season or needs? Our formulas evolve as you do. Enjoy complimentary consultations with our Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultants to make changes on your refills.

To understand more about VitaminLab click on Learn More. You will be redirected to VitaminLab website. 

Learn More

We take an evidence-based approach to customized vitamins. Using the most up-to-date trials and our team's 30+ years experience in clinical wellness.

  • Ingredient and dose specific.
  • Reliable information to reduce confusion.
  • Informed by leading peer reviewed database.
A vitamin that’s yours and yours only. Create your own supplement, formulated exactly for you based on your lifestyle, goals or health insights. You get the specific dose of the ingredients you need.

  • Ingredient and dose specific.
  • Save time & money with one convenient supplement.
  • Unique needs, unique goals, unique formula.
This isn't just a generic multivitamin, this is one of the only supplements you'll ever need. A new approach to your vitamin ritual–let it evolve with you.

  • Tweak a few ingredients or completely change it up.
  • Make changes based on the seasons, sensitivities, or your budget.
  • Update your formula every 3 months to keep up with your goals.
Our team is dedicated to sourcing bioavailable ingredients from trusted suppliers around the globe, prioritizing North American and European suppliers when possible.

  • No artificial fillers or binders used.
  • Third-party and in-house tested.
  • Forms your body can utilize.
For commonly asked questions about VitaminLab's Personalized Supplements, please visit VitaminLab's FAQs.