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Please print and bring the requisition to your healthcare provider for signature. Unsigned requisitions will NOT be accepted at any LifeLabs® location.
If your healthcare provider has already given you a signed paper requisition, please bring it directly to a LifeLabs® location to pay and complete your testing.


Signatera is a genetics-based cancer test (molecular residual disease test - MRD). It is personalized to detect and monitor your cancer status by examining your unique tumour mutation profile. It can do this much sooner and more accurately compared to traditional diagnostic methods (e.g. imaging).

The Initial Test analyzes both tumour tissue and blood in order to identify this unique profile. This test is only ordered once at the beginning. 

The Subsequent Test is a repeatable test used to accurately monitor for the presence or absence of the disease over time. It can only be ordered after the result of the Initial Test is reported to your oncologist. It analyzes only your blood (also known as liquid biopsy). The frequency of the Subsequent Test is determined by your oncologist (e.g. 3 times per year).

About Signatera™ Genetic Testing 
Who is this test for? 

Individuals who have already been diagnosed with cancer (solid tumours), and are seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there cancer left in the body?
  2. Is additional treatment beneficial?
  3. Is the treatment working?

What is this test used for?
Identification and monitoring of solid tissue cancer status by analyzing the associated tumour(s).

Your oncologist will recommend one of these two tests below. 

Initial Test
Identify your cancer’s unique genetic profile. It is performed only once. Collection of your blood is done after your doctor appointment to complete the requisition form. Collection can be performed either at the hospital or at one of our community locations (ON, BC, SK). Tissue collection will be coordinated by Lifelabs and your treatment team. Test results will be available to your doctor 4-6 weeks after your blood and tumour tissue have been fully analyzed.
Subsequent Test
Monitor your cancer’s unique genetic profile. After your initial test results are available , your healthcare provider will then recommend when to perform this test, and how often. Only a standard blood collection is required, and can be performed either at the hospital or at one of our community locations (ON, BC, SK). Test results will be available to your doctor 1-2 weeks after your blood has been analyzed.
Test Type
Blood Sample (Initial & Subsequent Tests)
Tissue Sample (Initial Test Only)

Test Category
Oncology Testing

Test Turnaround Time
4-6 weeks (Initial Test)
1-2 weeks (Subsequent Test)

ON & BC - Payment via LifeLabs Online Store®
All other provinces/territories - Payment via LifeLabs Genetics® Customer Care Centre 1-84-GENE HELP (1-844-363-4357)

Sample Collection
Must use Signatera blood kit provided at your oncologist appointment. Collection can be done at your appointment or a Lifelabs® community location (BC, ON, SK).
MyVisit at-home collection (ON)

All other provinces/territories please call 1-84-GENE HELP (1-844-363-4357)