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HPV Testing
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HPV Testing

Most adults will develop a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in their lifetime without knowing it as HPV often doesn’t have any symptoms. Frequently, the virus will clear in the same way as a common cold. High-risk HPV that doesn’t clear can lead to different cancers, including cervical cancer in women.

Who is this test for?
If you are over the age of 30, sexually active and concerned about your cervical health, you should ask your healthcare provider about having HPV testing as part of your regular cervical screening. 

What is this test used for?
A Pap test does not look directly for the HPV virus. A stand-alone Pap test may miss some abnormal cell growth or may not detect it early enough to prevent cervical cancer. An HPV test is usually ordered as part of your cervical health screening. However, your healthcare provider may also recommend the test if you have:

  • abnormal Pap test results
  • previously been diagnosed or treated for pre-cancerous cells
  • a history of cervical cancer

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Price :


Test Type 
Cervical Sample 

Test Category 
Infection Screening

Test Turnaround Time
Results available to ordering physician within 2 weeks 

British Columbia 

Sample Collection
Your healthcare provider will take a cervical sample at their office using a LifeLabs® BD SurePath Pap collection kit. 

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