25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test
25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test
  1. 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test
  2. 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test

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25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test

The 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test through LifeLabs can help detect a potential vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced by your body when the sun’s UV rays contact your skin and also occurs naturally in a limited amount of food sources. It is estimated that up to one-third of Canadians do not have the recommended levels of vitamin D. This simple blood test can provide you with piece of mind that you are receiving the vitamin D that you need for optimum health.

About 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Testing
Who is this test for?

There are several factors which can increase your risk of vitamin D deficiency. Young children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to complications arising from insufficient Vitamin D in their systems.  A 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test may be the right test for you if you’re showing signs of vitamin D deficiency, or if you’re at risk of developing this deficiency.

What is this test used for?
The 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test is a simple blood test and the best way to monitor vitamin D levels. The amount of 25-hydroxy in your blood is a good indication of how much vitamin D your body has and if you are at risk of a deficiency and also establishes a baseline for ongoing monitoring.

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Price :

Test Type
Blood Sample

Test Category
Anti-Aging and Wellness

Test Turnaround Time
Results available to ordering physician within 2 weeks

British Columbia

Sample Collection
LifeLabs® Patient Service Centre (BC and ON)
MyVisit at-home collection (ON)

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